Thursday, July 28, 2011

2nd chance to live

Hi guys!

I met accident last few weeks. A car bang me while trying to overtake me but he don't know how to estimate motorist on the side of the road. Thus, he dragged me along with him and then ta daaaaa.... TERBABAS! I must say that I got the shock of my life for a while. Thank God for passer by who came and helped us push our motor to the side.

Right after the accident, my head was giddy because I was dragged on the road, my muscle aching and my hand&leg injured. Nonetheless, X Ray showed that no bones was crack of whatsoever.

I truly thank God for two hands. At first my right hand was quite weak due to injury but I learn to appreciate it more.. Even if only one part of your body cannot function, you find it's so hard to do other activities. Can't believe the pain is so extreme for the first few days especially my neck and my hand. Due to my neck injury, I cannot even lie down . It's really painful.

Despite all these, I thank God for His protection. While we(me and my friend) "terbabas" right to the middle of the road, thank God we didn't flung to the other side of the road or we'll meet accident twice. Also, in the midst of trauma and shock, I really thank God for my friend. While she's injured as well, she was very alert. She saw that the car driver who bang us start to call his friends and in short time, most of his friends with tattoo came. I suppose that's his strategy to scare us. My friend then asked me to call my family members and she also called some friends who stayed nearby to come over and helped. Thank God for friends...not only they helped me to deal with the other party, they sent us to the hospital and waited for us. It was hours before the doctor attend to us. "Maklumlah GH...banyak yang kena accident".

In the midst of such tragedy, I really thank God for second chance to live =D

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