Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do we know Jesus behind every book?

GENESIS: Jesus Christ is the seed of every woman.

EXODUS: He is the passover lamb.

LEVITICUS: He is our high priest.

NUMBERS: He is the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.

DEUTERONOMY: He is the prophet like unto Moses.

JOSHUA: He is the captain of our salvation.

JUDGES: He is our judge and lawgiver.

RUTH: He is our kinsman redeemer.

1st & 2nd SAMUEL: He is our trusted prophet.

KINGS & CHRONICLES: He is our reigning king.

EZRA: He is the rebuilder of the broken down walls of human life.

ESTHER: He is our Mordechai.

JOB: He is our ever living  redeemer.

PSALMS: He is our shepherd.

PROVERBS & ECCLESIASTES: He is our wisdom.

SONG OF SOLOMON: He is the loving bridegroom.

ISAIAH: He is the prince of peace.

LAMENTATION: He is our weeping prophet.

EZEKIEL: He is the wonderful four faced man.

DANIEL: He is the forth man in life's "fiery furnace".

HOSEA: He is the faithful husband, forever married to the backslider.

JOEL: He is the baptizer with the Holy Ghost and fire.

AMOS: He is our burden bearer.

OBADIAH: He is the mighty to save.

JONAH: He is our great foreign missionary.

MICAH: He is the messenger of beautiful feet.

NAHUM: He is the avenger of God's elect.

HABAKKUK: He is God's evangelist, crying, "revive thy work in the midst of the years."

ZEPHANIAH: He is our Saviour.

HAGGAI: He is the restorer of God's lost heritage.

ZECHARIAH: He is the fountain opened up in the house of David for sin and uncleanness.

MALACHI: He is the Sun of Righteousness, rising with healing in His wings.

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