Friday, June 8, 2012

Exam Period

Hie dunia,

Usah risau akan kesusahanmu dalam mengingati perkara duniawi, seperti kursus majormu, kursus minormu... Usah risau akan hari-harimu, seperti tiada duit untuk makan, tiada credit untuk sms Gf/Bf. HAHA... Usah risau!

kerana Allah kita yang baik dan sempurna, iaitu Tuhan Yesus sendiri, sedang bersama kita di dalam kita!

Happy exam! (punyalah post saya ini sangat skema sekarang. WAHAHAAHAHA)

Anyway guys,
Joy here. Have a great exam period ahead. It's not easy to memorize the answers but here are some tips for you to score well!

During Revision
1. Pray before you start reading. ASK God to come and revise with you!
2. Talk to God when you get stuck and hit a dead end. HE helps!
3. Praise God when you are done revising!

100% improvement!

During Exam
1. Pray before you start writing! Ask God to be with you and give you the wisdom!
2. Ask God to guide you for the correct answers! SERIOUS! HE HELPS!
3. Talk to God when you feel like cheating or stuck somewhere in the papers. He makes you feel guilty and not cheat! HAHAHAHA
4. Pray again when you finish paper. Ask God to prevent any bias marks by the lecturers.
5. Offer your paper as a sacrifice to Him. Dedicate the paper to Him.
6. Walk with joy and a glad heart, knowing that He is the awesome lecturer of all times!




I hope that helps!
 happy exam guys!
Look at the baby, doesn't she look like me??? HAHAHAHAAH

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