Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Count your blessings

1) Give thanks - You have meals to eat the whole day. Some people struggle even just to eat one meal. Even if they can afford, they eat cheap stuff like nasi lemak RM1. SO give thanks to God especially for those who can spend on sushi bonanza. It's good to just enjoy your meal at  the end of the day after such a long long dayyyy.

2) Give thanks for you are healthy. You can eat, drink, breathe, run, walk, move around freely and etc etc. Some people can't eat and drink due to disease. I heard the other day there's this cancer patient who can eat but can't drink. Whenever he drinks, the water will come out through his nose. He cannot swallow the water. These few days I sprained my shoulder - thus can't move much. SO, give thanks to God that you are healthy. Even if you are sick, but give thanks that it's not so chronic. Some have it worst than you. A girl I knew was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and she has to eat 20 pills a day. So be thankful you don't need to swallow 20 pills a day.

3) Give thanks to God for your family. Some just received news that mom/dad/family members passed away. Be grateful that you still have family. Some orphans wish they have family. Give special thankssss  especially if you still have both parents and both grandparents. Such rare treasure in life.

4) Give thanks for friends. Friends who are there for you in times of hardship... friends who share your joy and sorrow..who encourage and motivates you..Give thanks for those who hurt you because through them, you learn to be a  tough person.

5) Give thanks for lecturers who impart so much knowledge to you.. who work hard to teach beyond their job scope so that you will be a  better student...Such lecturers are getting lesser and lesser.

6) Give thanks for your church members, CF membersss who are also your brothers and sisters  in Christ =) They are your extended big family. =)

7) Be thankful for hurdles and hardships because such situations mould you in some way. There's always something to learn from it.

8) Give thanks for the property that you own instead of complaining.. "Hp tak cukup canggih lah." " Laptop tak cukup high spec lah."  Bersyukur ada handphone! Bersyukur ada laptop! =) Car, motor, ipad, money, etc etc.

9) Give thanks that our God  is JEHOVAH JIREH - GOD WHO PROVIDES ALL OUR NEEDS. Thank God you have  shelter over your head and not sleeping on the streets. Thank God you have clothes to wear even though it's not ESPRIT/MNG/PADINI/BRANDS OUTLET/........... It's ok. So long you have decent clothing to wear. =)

10) Give thanks for everything stated above and not stated above that you can  think of =)

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